2020 Football Season (or perhaps only NFL season) Plans!

Yesterday I tweeted out that the first Sunday, 1pm ET kickoffs of NFL were essentially 27 days away. Obviously, it was a topic that generated a lot of emails and messages. The main topics of all the messages were asking about my content plans for the football season ahead. So, I thought I would put together a breakdown of what you could expect. I welcome any feedback or ideas. Let’s get into it…

First, this is the first full season of having the Little John Protocol. It came on the scene publicly in 2019 at the start of December (in time for NCAA bowls and the end of NFL). I am excited to have it for a full season! Also, I am currently compiling a full breakdown of all the angles within the LJP which will be updated daily on the website. I hope to have this finished later this month. Long story short, I expect to full utilize the LJP for the season ahead. The LJP allows me to be away from the computer because the robots handle much of the reporting. The LJP is also very dynamic as the LJP Score and its movements go beyond just using the closing LJP Score. The LJP Score can detect head fakes, late sharp money, strong sharp buying among many other bit of information that are useful when wagering. So, expect the LJP to take center stage within the content this football season!

Second, of course, everyone loves to know where John Q Public is betting. As such, I will have complete public betting coverage. Beyond what the public is doing, everyone really wants to know what the sharp bettors in the markets are doing. So, I will also cover any “known” bettor action and sharp buying going on in the football markets. Sharp action coverage will also follow the new format I instituted this week. The new format being that instead of concentrations, action will only be reported when it achieves a material level. I think it will provide a clean and streamlined view of the markets from a public and sharp perspective. I am also looking into the idea of tracking individual “known” bettors and their action. Thereby you could follow one bettor for the whole season. There are a lot of logistical issues with such an approach, but it is in the works as a possibility at some point this football season.

Third… algorithms! Algorithms can be hit or miss, but as a whole they are net positive each season. The popular algorithms from last season were the NCAAF and NFL Totals algorithms along with the NFL 1st Quarter Algorithm (my absolute favorite algorithm out of any sport). So yes, those algorithms will be back! Then of course there is always a good chance for some news algorithm ideas to be added to the mix. You know I can’t sit still!

When you combine the three items above, I think it will provide a clean, quality and streamlined approach for football. Last football season I had sometimes 30-50 tweets on a given Saturday or Sunday! Yes, it is awesome to have that much coverage, but I think it can also become too much coverage. I think the above will be a great middle ground to an organized approach that isn’t overwhelming.

Fourth, paid content. Ah yes, paid content, the topic that brings out the militancy & hate of small pockets of gambling Twitter (TOUT!!!!!). I am quite confident that there is nobody on Twitter who provides the volume of quality, DAILY, free information like I do (yes, I enjoy patting myself on the back, LOL!). Does it all win, of course not, but it is the best and most complete content on Twitter (IMHO). Not only tops in terms of information, but the level of transparency in performance. If you see me tweet about “known” bettor action, you have a resource, maintained/updated daily (TheSharpPlays.com/.net website) that you can visit to review the performance of that type of content. You can also view articles on various gambling topics, algorithm selections and, for the football season, The Sharp Plays Weekly Newsletter (which is also free). Whether you agree or not (I don’t care, LOL!), but I put in a lot of time to put together a quality betting resource that is The Sharp Plays. I am trading my time to put out a quality product, why?!?! Well, one I LOVE the gambling business. I have a passion for this industry. If you can’t tell that in my tweets each day, I don’t know what to say. My passion for the gambling business is something that sucked me in as a middle school child and has never let go. Operating The Sharp Plays helps to feed this passion and enjoyment of interaction with bettors like those of you reading this right now. But let’s face it, I go well beyond just a tweet or two each day with some information. For UFC events, I am covering the action and reporting on Twitter for the entire evening. Every single day, I begin reporting at 9-10am ET, covering everything from horses, tennis and Aussie Rules Football to NBA, NHL, soccer etc. I give up a lot of time to do what I do for all of you following. Yes, I do know that time is appreciated by 98%+ of you, but I do have a family and a life (believe it or not, LOL). When I give time to The Sharp Plays, I remove that time from things I would otherwise be doing. Why? Because all of you support what I do with your paid content purchases. Your paid content purchases support things important to me, in my life, including a school board approved and sanctioned scholarship I created in memory of my aunt, various charities & causes I support all year round including, even helping some of you with Go Fund Me campaigns when tragedy or major problems struck. Your support also covers the expenses connected to The Sharp Plays operations and expansion of TSP’s content, technology and offerings. To me, it’s a mutually beneficial deal between us. Also, I do not take advertising money. I think advertising money creates a serious conflict of interest. When you have someone purporting to assist you with being a better gambler, and then that same person or company is being sponsored by or promoting sportsbooks (and thereby deriving income from your losses), it’s a little disingenuous. Who does that person or company really care about?? You or helping the sportsbooks earn more income, so they, as the content provider, can gain more revenue? So, while I could immediately gain high level advertising from sportsbooks, and have received dozens of offers, I instead wanted The Sharp Plays to be bettor supported (pun intended)! By being supported by all of you, it means I have your best interests at stake when I put out my content (paid or free). If I don’t provide quality content to all of you as bettors, nobody will follow and in turn nobody will buy the paid content when I offer it. At that time, there goes The Sharp Plays and with it, something I really enjoy! I love those of you who follow, and I do have a passion for this, but I am not going to give up hours each day for nothing… just being honest & transparent… no offense. So, paid content offsets what I give up to The Sharp Plays. Therefore, I thank each and every one of you for your support! You help me and I hope the content helps you!

Fifth, what type of paid content do I have planned? For starters, one very common request lately is for me to offer text alerts for my Twitter posts. For the longest time Twitter provided a solid notification service. You could open the app, go to my page and program notifications. So, when I would post something to Twitter you would get a notification on your phone. Well, unfortunately this system seems to have changed recently and many of you are reporting issues with these notifications. In light of the text alert technology I have setup for TSP Live, I could easily program my Twitter posts to also go out via text alert too. Since I am not nearly as big as Twitter, I would expect great efficiency and effective delivery using these text alerts. I am thinking of testing this out prior to the football season. If this system works, I will expand on it to provide alerts for NFL and perhaps beyond. So, stay tuned for that information in the coming week or so. Now for the football related content I plan to offer as paid content. To me it is pretty simple. I will definitely be bringing back the Sharp Consensus (Premium, Just Missed and Other Sharp Consensus plays). The Sharp Consensus was by far the best performing content of 2019 and it centered on football. So, you can expect paid content will cover any Sharp Consensus action this season. I also expect to have the LJP provide some paid content this season… perhaps the Wildest LJP Move of the Day and the Top LJP Score of the Day will be paid content. Maybe some weeks instead of LJP coverage I will use “known” bettor alerts. So, it may rotate, but I expect every week the paid content will include the Sharp Consensus and on top of Sharp Consensus there will be a rotation to different bits of content like LJP action or “known” bettors. All other content, which should be plenty, will be provided free on Twitter. As always, my goal is 95% free and 5% paid.

So, I think that covers what I am looking at for the football season ahead. Barring some major tragedy, I expect the NFL will have a full season. The owners want and need a season. College football is not looking so good, but again, at least we should have NFL. Keep your fingers crossed! As always, thank you for following and being a part of the fun with me! We had an AWESOME & PROFITABLE 2019 football season together, and I look for the same in 2020!

Good luck in your action!
~ The Sharp Plays