A 2021 MLB Futures Breakdown (Sharp & Algorithmic)

It’s that time of year again, spring has arrived… summer will soon be here and then it’ll be football season all over again! The cycle of sports betting life. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves though. First, we have MLB and we will actually be getting a somewhat normal season this year. In preparation for the season ahead, let’s take a look at where sharp money is seeing value and if the MLB futures algorithm has spotted any values within those buys and independently.

Here are the top values and sharp futures for the 2021 MLB season (all odds from Bookmaker.eu, Bovada.lv or Pinnacle.com)…

Let’s first look at any sharp buying in Regular Season Win Percentage. The following are in order of largest sharp buying to smallest…

1) Arizona OVER 45.5% Win Percentage (-138)

2) Colorado UNDER 40% Win Percentage (-115)

3) San Diego OVER 59% Win Percentage (-121)

4) Minnesota UNDER 54.5% Win Percentage (+116)

After those four, there isn’t a whole lot of material action going on. As expected, some of those are also showing value in the futures market for the World Series.

Here’s a sharp (buying is in order of strength) and algorithmic look at World Series Futures…

1) San Diego Padres +786 (algorithm calculates SDP at +705)

2) Chicago White Sox +1021 (algorithm calculates CWS at +920)

3) NY Mets +1021 (algorithm calculates NYM +1125)

4) NY Yankees +625 (algorithm calculates NYY at +315)

5) Toronto +1800 (algorithm calculates TOR at +1430)

I hope the above helps you put together a winning futures portfolio for the MLB season ahead. Oh and don’t worry, the MLB algorithms will be returning again for another season and will be on Twitter daily!

Enjoy the season and good luck in your action!
~ The Sharp Plays