On this page you will find a list of the types of alerts that are issued by robots on Twitter & Telegram. In the majority of situations, The Sharp Plays content is first delivered into TSP Live for subscribers. However, on a daily basis, select bits of TSP Live content are also reported publicly (free) on Twitter & Telegram and then graded on the TSP Records page as well as logged in the TSP Content Log for transparency.

Below is a breakdown of the current TSP alert types…

Sharp Buy: Simple, when sharp money hits a wager, and that action is at a material level…along with achieving other parameters I have programmed…the angle qualifies as a sharp buy. Sharp buys are graded as within the sharp records on the Records table.

Sharp Burst: This is something new I wanted to check out and track. Often there are markets I will see within the book where there’s very little going on. The markets can have high or low volume, but what I mean is there’s no clear sharp side. Then, all of a sudden and seemingly for no reason a HUGE spike in sharp money hits one of the wagers in the market. As quickly as the action hits then it is gone. The “Sharp Burst” alert was setup to identify these wagers seeing a massive spike in sharp buying, but which aren’t broad based enough to pop on analytics. Sometimes this burst precedes news (injuries, lineup changes, etc.) being released on the event. These are graded as within the sharp records on the Records table.

Book Needs: The books always have the advantage over the average bettor. Therefore, if there is a game where the book stands to achieve a high profit margin, who do you think has the advantage…the book or the players? If the book lost all their high profit margin games then they likely wouldn’t be around for long. So, the Book Needs robots find those high profit margin situations to allow TSP followers to put themselves on the side of the book, should they desire. Book Needs are the side the “book needs” to win. Book Needs are graded by reading on the TSP Live records table.

Known Bettor Alerts: “Known” bettors are considered those bettors within a book who are considered sharp bettors. The goal of “Known” Bettor alerts is to report above average action being placed by an individual sharp bettor. Typically, wagers which are 100% or more above that bettor’s average wager. At present, these robot alerts are not yet active on Twitter or Telegram, but they are being programmed and tested at this time. I expect them to relaunch before the end of 2022.

When a robot alert hits Twitter or Telegram, the alerts/reports will be posted in the following way…

Report:  Sharp
Size: Small Buy
Angle: Tampa Bay -1
League: NFL
TSP Value: +EV, -EV, 0EV
In-Play Target: Tampa Bay +7.5

The addition of the “TSP Value” line will be calculated using an array of algorithms I designed to assess value. Wagers that are designated as “+EV” will be logged and tracked within The Sharp Plays content logs and records tables. Wagers that are “-EV” (negative value) and “0EV” (neutral or “fair” value) are being reported for information purposes only but WILL NOT be graded and logged.

The above change to alerts took place over the summer and since them has dramatically optimized the reporting and exponentially increased the performance as can be evidenced by the Content Records page/table.

Thanks as always for following and the support! With you…I would not be doing what I do.

Good luck in your action!