February Content Plans (In the Year of the Robot)!

Good afternoon!

Well, I can’t believe it is almost that time of year again… February and the Super Bowl! My goodness! It seems like yesterday that I was getting ready for Super Bowl 2020. What an unprecedented year and a wild ride that it has been since then! At this time last year, COVID wasn’t much of a concern in the US public arena, and we went out in public without masks. Incredible! What a difference a year makes!

As you may or may not know, depending on how long you have followed, I typically lay low during the month of February. It was something I did for as long as I can remember. In the sports gaming industry, February was always the month when the execs went on vacation and stepped away. I was always up for vacation, so sounded good to me. Well, I fell in love with it and have taken a break every February since 2003!

What happens in February? Not a whole lot that you would actually see. For example, I am still on Twitter each day, albeit less than I usually would be. February is just a time to step away from the gambling markets and recharge the batteries for March Madness. The difference in 2021, compared to previous years, is I now have an army of robots at my disposal… something I did not have in 2020. The robots make everything quite easy and I am looking forward to letting the robots loose this February. I expect that 85% of the content in February will be robot generated, versus about 40% currently.

So, with that said, what will the content look like for February 2021?

First, I will lay out the paid content. Yes, the normal paid content will continue in February. Most of the content is or can be delivered by the robots, so my desire to step away a bit really doesn’t play much of a part… given the limited human involvement in most of the paid content. What will February paid content look like?

TSP Live (TSP.Live/tsp-live) – 
TSP Live has been 100% run by the robots since the start of the football season. So, you won’t notice any bit of difference in TSP Live. The only human involvement, once the robots are activated for the day, is if I add one of my “TSP NOTES:” to an outgoing alert. Otherwise, I am often being alerted to TSP Live action through a Telegram alert only 30 seconds before it goes out to you! So, nothing will change with TSP Live. TSP Live will operate every Saturday and Sunday in February to cover NCAAB and all the angles you are familiar (maybe even some new ones too). Obviously, TSP Live will also cover the Super Bowl… not just the side and total, but any major sharp prop or other action too! Those of you not in the paid content, don’t worry, there will still be a ton of coverage on Twitter and Telegram for the Super Bowl!

FEBRUARY SUBSCRIPTIONS: Signup for February paid content (TSP Live, TSP Daily Briefing and the Financial Market Analytics ) is now available at TSP.Live/register. Existing subscribers… DO NOT select the option to “upgrade or change an existing membership”. If you upgrade your current membership, you will be charged for February, but you will lose your January access. So, do not select the “upgrade membership” option. Existing subscribers simply visit TSP.Live to sign into your account. Once signed in, visit the TSP.Live/register link (the same as the “SUBSCRIBE” link in the TSP Live menu). Once there, select the February subscription you would like and follow the normal steps to purchase. That’s it!

TSP Daily Briefing (TSP.Live/tsp-daily) –
In February, TSP Daily Briefing will still be published each morning. Each day I will put together the opening commentary and discuss any betting strategies or exotic wagering for the day. However, the robots will provide the Index analysis and early sharp buys for the day. What will this look like? I have begun doing it already starting Tuesday this week. So, what you saw Tuesday and today in TSP Daily is what it will look like in February. Notice any difference? Me neither, aren’t the robots great!

Financial Market Analytics (TSP.Live/fma) & Telegram Trading (t.me/tspfma)-
In February, for the FMA, I will handle Watch List management and provide market commentary as situations arise. The robots will report any unusual trading activity and update key levels within the markets or individual positions. What will this look like? You saw it in action on Tuesday and again today! On Telegram, the robots will provide a morning update with key calculated levels and I will add market commentary as I see something interesting. For both Telegram and FMA, the February setup has been operational yesterday and today. Did you notice a difference or decrease in content? I didn’t think so ;-). If anything, it is more streamlined now.

Websites of TheSharpPlays.com & TSP.Live
Every year I use the downtime in February to do various updates & upgrades to the websites. During the football season, the websites are updated with Band-aids and glue to fix any problems that arise and/or to deploy new changes/features I want made. When the football season is over, it is time to turn the Band-aids and glue into a permanent structure. So, throughout February, both websites will be on/offline here and there as updates are implemented and the foundations of each website solidified. Any TSP.Live website updates will be scheduled after hours for Mondays through Wednesdays to avoid any disruption in paid content services, especially on the weekends. For TheSharpPlays.com, updates can occur at anytime since TheSharpPlays.com is not used for dynamic content delivery of content. However, when you go to TheSharpPlays.com to check the Index, read an article or look for records, be sure to check the date and time stamps on records pages so you know how current the data is. Records will be updated throughout February, but due to software updates, some days may pass without any records or website update (which will be unusual as these are always done every morning outside February). When either TSP.Live or TheSharpPlays.com are being updated, a banner will appear at the top of the page letting you know that updates are occurring (so you aren’t concerned if something isn’t working properly in the moment). The banner at the top will also provide an estimate as to when the update will be completed.

The Free Content in February –
Even in February my engagement on Twitter is still daily, but much less than normal. However, this year with the robots and Telegram, it’s a whole new ball game. What will the free content entail in February?

Highest public concentrations – These will be delivered by the robots to Twitter at exactly 5pm ET during the week and 11am ET on the weekends. The robots will be programmed to pull the reports at those times and deliver them onto Twitter. It’s the first major test of dynamic robot content to Twitter. Nothing beats Telegram for the robots (such an amazing platform), but I wouldn’t mind robot help on Twitter too. So, we’ll see how this goes.

Robin Hood Selections coming to Telegram! I really want to test the ability to have algorithms completely run by the robots each morning and then any qualifying values delivered to the Telegram channel. I am very excited to test this out and see how things go. So, expect Robin Hood Selections on Telegram each day when a Qualifying Value is achieved by one of dozens of algorithms. It’ll be a completely new feature and it’ll launch in February on Telegram.

Sharp action reporting – Even in February, I can’t leave the action entirely. So, I will still pop in during the day on Twitter to report some action. It’s just that in February, instead of being on Twitter from dawn to dusk, I will usually just pop in once a day in the afternoon or early evening, report a few things and then that’ll be it for the day. The Telegram robots will continue to report sharp action using the same methods & filters that they have operated under. So, nothing changes there.

Daily Twitter Recap – Everyday in February I will still post the morning recap of the previous day’s action to Twitter to maintain tracking and transparency.

Mr. Poison – If he has anything, I get an alert to my email and then I just cut and paste it to Twitter. So, nothing changes there when he has some action. Even a few years ago when I was in the middle of the ocean, those Mr. Poison alerts went out. LOL!

Messages and support – Probably the biggest change in February is my response time to messages. So, here’s what will change…

EMAIL – All year long I do have a service (human service) that filters my email (deletes junk and morons) and replies to standard support requests. Any remaining legit emails are held for me to respond. Outside February, I usually respond to those emails once a day in the morning and once in the late afternoon. In February, I usually only check email once in the morning, sometimes only every other morning. So, be aware that email replies may take 24-48+ hours in February. If it is an urgent paid content issue, the answering service will handle those emails within a few hours during the week and within 30-60 minutes on the weekends when TSP Live is operating.

DIRECT MESSAGES ON TWITTER – Due to the fact that my content began on Twitter, most of my messages come through Twitter DM. I love Twitter, but I hate the lack of functions on the Twitter DM system. There is no option to keep a message as unread, no option to sort them into folders, archive messages from the main DM list, etc. As some of you unfortunately know, I am constantly overlooking Twitter messages or losing them in the shuffle. So, to be honest, it is ALWAYS better if you email me than send a message on Twitter (not just in February, but anytime). You stand a much better chance of not just getting a reply, but getting a faster reply and less chance of the message getting lost in the mix by using email. Looking at Twitter’s DM service makes me love Telegram that much more. Anyway, in February I expect to clear my Twitter direct messages every 2-3 days. Also, not just in February, but anytime you have a paid content support need, I would STRONGLY advise email or Telegram (@TheSharpPlays on Telegram) for a fast response. Twitter is better suited for casual chat or general questions. On Saturdays and Sundays, paid content support is addressed within 1 hour on either email or Telegram. I do my best to keep up with Twitter direct messages on the weekends for paid content support, but so often the support messages are lost in a tsunami combined with a hurricane (all the non-paid content support needs). So, again, if you need urgent or paid content support anytime during the year, I would suggest using email or Telegram for the best service and fastest response time.

TELEGRAM MESSAGES – Telegram support requests for paid content are usually addressed within a few hours during the week and within an hour on the weekends when TSP Live is operating. If you are using Telegram for general questions, that’s no problem, but the same response time as on Twitter will apply (24-48 hours outside February, 2-3 days in February). So, please don’t expect that general requests on Telegram will get addressed any faster. I truly apologize but I simply can’t get back to all the requests for information on a specific game or personal betting advice for a given wager or day. I wish I could, but I wouldn’t eat or sleep if I did. It’s nothing personal! As I say all the time, if there is something interesting on a game, I or the robots will report. If we haven’t reported on the game you are interested in, it is because there is nothing worthwhile to report.

So folks, that about covers everything. In the end, as I have said throughout this article, not much will change in terms of the content you actually see in February. My replies will be slower and I won’t be on Twitter as much. The robots allow me to step away, but you don’t miss a thing because they will cover anything of value. So, while you may not notice any difference in February, I definitely will… because I will be recharging while the robots handle my role. It will be a good test of the extent to which the robots can deliver TSP content. If the robots operate well in February, hell, I might be kicked out of my role here at The Sharp Plays… the creation will toss aside the creator! LOL! I can’t wait to see how it goes!

If you have any questions let me know. I am very excited for this February and the year of the robot!