Happy New Year & Thank You!

The bots wish you a Happy New Year too!!

It has been yet another profitable year for The Sharp Plays content! At current count, the content in 2021 returned a combined +249 units of profit (as of 12/30/21 when I put this message together)! Here are some of the highlights from that profit total…+112 units came from the new TSP Live Analytics content, +43 units came from algorithms, oh and +55 units came from parlays alone! Yeah, parlays are for suckers…LOL! I guess call me a sucker then! Of the +249 units, 167 units were delivered through paid content and 82 units were delivered free on Twitter, Telegram and the websites! I hope you had fun this past year and honestly, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for joining me on the journey. I say it all the time, but it can’t be said enough…if none of you were out there, then there would be no reason for me to do what I do. Thankfully, you are there and giving me a reason every day to cover gambling content, build new analytical toys and continue to dream bigger and bigger when it comes to content and technology!

I look forward to spending 2022 with all of you and making it ANOTHER profitable year of The Sharp Plays content! So, as we get ready for 2022, just a few things I will have you remember…

  1. Hot streaks DO NOT last. So, when you are running hot, be sure to stop and smell the roses a little. Enjoy the moment and remind yourself that this too will end. When it does you will have to bet smart and be patient until the next hot streak arrives…and they always do!
  2. Cold streaks DO NOT last. Every year contains an EPIC cold streak (sometimes more than one)…and every year has ended a winner since I began putting out content in 2011. So, what does that tell you? Just like hot streaks, cold streaks come to an end too. Bet smart, don’t force bets, don’t chase…just be patient. It will turn as it always does and then you will get back to rolling in profits. The cold streak in 2021 came from the end of March through to mid-April. It sucked up a lot of profits from the start of 2021, but in the end it eventually went away and cleared the path for a good run through the end of the year. A year which ended with +249 units of profits…even with that epic cold run in March-April. #Patience
  3. There will be handicappers, services, angles, systems, etc. that will get WHITE HOT…be careful chasing the run. If you are just noticing a hot streak because it is attracting a lot of attention, chances are that it is already too late. The hot streak will have run its course and will be at or nearing its end. At which point it will usually make way for regression…and that’s not when you want to be following.
  4. It’s better to monitor a quality service or angle that’s in a cold streak and then jump on board versus jumping on board a hot streak already underway. When following a quality service or angle during a cold streak you want to wait until they pickup a couple wins in a row. At which point instead of arriving for the regression like many do in #3, you are now arriving just in time to catch the progression. Problem is our brains don’t like the idea of monitoring a cold streak and then jumping on. We want to just follow hot streaks…another downfall for the casual gambler.
  5. Sharp money still DOES NOT mean LOCK, GUARANTEE, SURE THING, nor do they hit 60%+ for long periods of time. Find an angle or strategy that hits 55% over the long term and you will make a fortune betting sports. Yes, you will be printing money!
  6. Keep emotion out of it! Emotional betting is what the books love and what your bankroll hates. Emotion suppresses rational thinking. It’s why mild mannered people become murderers in the blink of an eye. Something triggered their emotion, rational thought was pushed aside and now they get to spend the rest of their lives in prison thinking about it…all because they let emotion take control.
  7. Inject some positive karma into the world. If you have a good weekend, throw a few bucks to your favorite charity, help someone out. You don’t have to be Mother Teresa, but you also don’t need to be Ebenezer Scrooge.
  8. Don’t let your bankroll be 95% of your net worth or higher. Set a bankroll, calculate a per unit wager (I use…bankroll divided by 100) and stick to it. Yes, everyone always wants to bet more. As your bankroll grows you can increase your per unit wager. Don’t think you can go from being a $25 or $50 per unit bettor today to a $500 per unit bettor next month…it doesn’t work that way. You can definitely get there, but it will take time and patience. Don’t worry…I am not going anywhere! There will be plenty of content in the future…so remember that slow and steady wins the race!

    I would like to wish all of you a Happy, Healthy and Wealthy New Year! Thanks again for joining me and let us have some fun in 2022!!

    Good luck in your action!
    ~The Sharp Plays (a.k.a. TSP, Sharp, Sharpie)