The Sharp Plays Transparency


Any unit tracking is posted as a means to quantify performance and SHOULD NOT be construed as a suggestion to wager on or against any of the content posted. Records for the public are tracked as though you BET WITH the public. Record for Pro’s v Joe’s is based on betting with the Pro’s.

Records on this page are only for the currently active season. Previous year’s/season’s performance is archived at the conclusion of each season to The Sharp Plays Records Archive.

Records below are current as of 7:30am ET on 5/8

Public Concentration NBA (sides)576845.6%-17.8
Public Concentration NBA (totals)586744.4%-15.7
Public Concentration MLB (sides)181850.0%-15.7
Public Concentration MLB (totals)142140.0%-9.2
Public Concentration NHL (sides)723865.5%+1.4
Public Concentration NHL (totals)594855.1%+5.2
Sharp Soccer161847.1%+2.1
Sharp NBA383552.1%+0.7
Sharp MLB413653.2%+1.5
Sharp NHL303546.2%-4.1
Sharp Tennis191654.3%+4.2
Sharp MMA41323.5%-14.3
Sharp Boxing10100.0%+1.0
Sharp Golf141253.8%+0.7
Sharp Rugby10100.0%+1.0
Sharp NASCAR2528.6%-4.3
Pro’s v Joe’s NBA10100.0%+1.0
Pro’s v Joe’s MLB10100.0%+1.0
Pro’s v Joe’s NHL10100.0%+1.0
Head Fakes – Betting Late Reverse Sharp Money (all sports)5271.4%+4.5
NBA “Known” Bettors3442.9%-1.3
MLB “Known” Bettors7463.6%+2.3
NHL “Known” Bettors50100.0%+5.0
MMA “Known” Bettors1150.0%-0.4