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The free content has a phenomenal ROI and is there to help those of you out there who are not yet ready, due to bankroll or wager size, to be a paid subscriber. Don’t worry…we all start somewhere! I began betting $5 and $10 back in high school…today, well…it’s a little more than that now. So, don’t be embarrassed or ashamed of your bankroll. Use the free Twitter and Telegram content, grind, and employ disciplined bankroll management and you’ll watch that bankroll grow. Then…ONLY WHEN YOU ARE READY AND YOUR BANKROLL WARRANTS THE EXPENSE…I hope to have you as a TSP Live subscriber. Your paid support allows me to continue to evolve and expand the content…and the performance! Until you are ready to be a paid subscriber, your LIKES and/or REPOSTS of The Sharp Plays content are a very appreciated way of supporting what I do…nothing more is needed!

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