The Book Gets What The Book Needs!

Over the summer I launched a new bit of content called the “Book Need”. The theory behind the Book Need is simple…sportsbooks make an absolute fortune, and despite the popular belief that sports betting is free & easy money, it isn’t. The books always have the advantage over the average bettor. Therefore, if there is a game that the book stands to make a large profit margin on, who do you think has the advantage…the book or the players? If the book lost all their high profit margin games, they likely wouldn’t be around long. So, the Book Needs content finds those high profit margin situations to allow TSP followers to put themselves on the side of the book, should they desire.

All sounds good right? Yes, but like anything in gambling, playing the Book Needs is all about the long game. Book Needs will be volatile/streaky content when you look at the short term. However, the book doesn’t sweat the day to day or week to week operations. If players could avoid sweating the day to day and week to week, well…they’d be better off too! The book knows that even if it has bad days or bad weeks, in the end the book will come out ahead. The same theory applies to the Book Needs content. Book Needs content requires patience, discipline and the ability to avoid sweating the short term. If you can do all that, Book Needs content will probably be some of your favorite content to follow. The High Level Book Needs have a long-term track record of performance to support their use as a wagering angle.

One of the sportsbooks I work with keeps a running log of what I have termed “High Level” Book Needs. Over the past 5+ years, those High Level Book Needs have returned +298.5 units as of the date of this article (August 24th, 2021) on major US sports. If I extend my search to soccer and tennis, the total performance on High Level Book Needs increases to +363.9 units.

Let’s take a look at the High Level Book Needs on a per sport basis over the last 5+ years (since January 1st 2016), the HIGH LEVEL Book Needs have performed as follows…

NFL +53.7 units
NCAAF +48.4 units
NBA +46.2 units
NCAAB +59.1 units
MLB +59.2 units
NHL +31.9 units
Soccer +46.0 units
Tennis +19.4 units

I decided, after initially posting the High Level Book Needs, to look into the idea of tracking “Low Level” Book Needs as well. High Level Book Needs don’t occur regularly, so I thought it would be nice to have a profitable offshoot of the Book Needs content that occurred more on a day to day basis. Like anything when you lower the parameters, I would expect the Low Level Books Needs to be more of a grind to profit…but still provide a profit! The Low Level Book Needs are a new iteration and thereby have no past tracking. I am currently building the sample size and both the High Level and Low Level Book Needs will be tracked here on the website and within the Content Log for your review. I look forward to this content being part of the upcoming football season, and I hope you will enjoy it!

Good luck in your action!