Little John Protocol

Hermes (The Little John Protocol v2.0)

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In 2019 I created a program called the “Little John Protocol” (LJP). Why? Robin Hood’s sidekick was named “Little John”, so it played to the Robin Hood theme of The Sharp Plays. At the time of the launch, the LJP ran multiple analytics & algorithms that I created and which applied to the active sports for that particular day. The LJP then took those sides and totals which showed value in my algorithms and analyzed them in conjunction with The Sharp Plays Index. The LJP used The Sharp Plays Index to dictate the level of value that needed to be achieved for a qualified selection. If the Index were low then an angle would need to meet a very high bar to be released. If the Index were high then the qualifying value threshold would be lower. At this point the wagers that showed value in the algorithms, and made it through the TSP Index value assessment, now moved to the final step. The final step of the LJP took those filtered down wagers and assessed them against sharp betting going on in the markets. Wagers that made it all the way through the three step assessment/filtering process would be given an LJP Score of 1 to 5, with 5 being the best value score. These LJP Scores were not units, but what I expected to be a value scale. If there were no material value for a wager, both sides of a wager could have an LJP Score of “0”. However, if one side of a wager had a positive LJP Score (1-5), the other side would have been “0”. You cannot have two positive LJP Scores (1-5) on both sides of the same wager (i.e. if the OVER had an LJP Score of 1 thru 5, the UNDER MUST have been 0 and vice versa). When I launched the LJP in 2019 I knew it could be a rousing success or an epic failure. You never know until you try! The Little John Protocol (LJP) version 1.0 was the first program combining analytics and algorithms that I ever created for The Sharp Plays. The programming of LJP version 1.0 was a tremendous success, but you always have to keep evolving in this business.

The next evolution of the LJP was version 2.0…now known as “Hermes”. Hermes took the LJP’s programming and expanded it exponentially. Hermes is a tool that uses over 100 different analytics (many which I created, some which are housed on the sportsbook’s systems) along with every active algorithm in my arsenal to analyze wagers each day. Unlike the LJP which “scored” the angles on a tiered basis for assessment, Hermes issues wagers using a strategy and criteria based off the LJP’s successes and failures. Hermes also uses machine learning techniques. Hermes updates its programming and strategy on a daily basis using its past performance and the performance of the analytics, algorithms and the data that the LJP v2.0 program assesses.

The goal of Hermes is to generate an average of +3 units of profit per month. Why +3 units? At that level (+3 units average per month), Hermes would generate a $100 per unit bettor a 100% ROI on their monthly TSP Live subscription investment.

Hermes also assesses the betting markets and implements one of three different postures for each active sport. “PASSIVE” shows concern for market conditions and Hermes will be wagering very cautiously. “STANDARD” means Hermes does not assess any material risks in the market, but also does not see it as an excessively hot (sharp) market. “AGGRESSIVE” means Hermes calculates the market as heavily favoring sharp/value angles. I do expect to add additional Hermes postures and features as warranted.

HERMES IS ALLOWED TO RISK BETWEEN 0.5 TO 3 UNITS. Individuals should assess their own unique financial situation before wagering. Hermes does not have money, nor bills to pay, so Hermes strategy may not be suitable for most gambler’s risk tolerance or bankroll.

Beyond wagering, Hermes has a variety of other features I plan to expand into as we go through the summer months and prepare for football. Keep an eye on Twitter, Telegram and in TSP Live for all the details!

“Show me someone who has never failed and I will show you a coward, a liar, or both” ~ TSP