The Sharp Plays 2023 Content Plans

Not much in the way of changes, just a few little tweaks.

On Twitter and Telegram, I will continue with the algorithms and the public concentrations, along with the sharp burst and sharp buy reports. The content will continue with the “less is more” approach that worked very well in 2022. I know everyone loves lots of sharp reports each day. However, while there has been less sharp content, the content which made the cut for reporting on Twitter & Telegram has performed quite well…

NFL Sharp Reports 16-9 for +6.1 units
NCAAF Sharp Report 21-13 for +9.0 units
NBA Sharp Reports 5-1 for +3.9 units
Soccer Sharp Reports 11-13 for +2.3 units
NHL Sharp Reports 2-0 for +2.0 units
NCAAB Sharp Report 5-4 for +0.60 units
Golf Sharp Reports 36-20 for +12.4 units
NBA Summer League 7-3 for +3.7 units
MLB Sharp Reports 53-51 for +3.0 units
WNBA Sharp Reports 16-9 for +6.1 units
MMA Sharp Reports 4-2 for +1.9 units
“Other Sports” Sharp Reports 23-18 for +5.7 units
The only loser this year was tennis at 28-34 for -3.2 units.

Add it all up and that’s +53.5 units of profit in 2022 for public sharp reports! It’s been less sharp content, but that’s also why it has performed so well. Content has been dialed into only optimal setups and it shows in the resulting performance.

Starting in 2023, I will expand the free content to now include Low Level Book Needs and Hermes In-Play Target Breakdowns (low only…medium and high confidence reports will be TSP Live subscriber content). Both will publish right in the Telegram channel.

What about TSP Live content for 2023?

TSP Live in 2023 will continue providing the Action Alerts (known bettor reports…all sports…soccer, tennis, NHL and more are on the way in January!), TSP Live Radar (all sports), Book Needs table (all sports), KB Consensus (football only), Oddsmaker’s Report (all sports), Hermes In-Play (all sports), Hermes Target Breakdowns (all sports), Parlays (all sports), Teasers (football only), TSP Live Insider (usually daily), Market Breakdowns (all sports…these are the reports I did for World Cup matches in the knockout rounds and now for the college bowls), with more content in the works for the year ahead! It’s a plan that worked well in 2022, providing just under 120 units of profit during the year across all content. No reason to change it much!

What can you expect new for 2023?

+ Expanded Market Breakdowns (along with doing these for every NFL playoff game and the Super Bowl, I plan to do these every Saturday and Sunday for the major soccer matches both days, I will also be open to doing these on a regular basis, even daily, if there is an interesting or high volume market to cover).

+ The new Hermes Target Breakdowns which I launched yesterday will operate daily and trigger when key statistical parameters are achieved and a game approaches or achieves the initial target.

I think that covers everything, for now at least! No matter what happens today, The Sharp Plays finishes with another profitable year of content…both free and paid…and it wasn’t close! Sure, it wasn’t easy and there were some awful weeks and runs in the mix…but that’s all part of the hustle. It is a grind! If you can keep you head about you and stay disciplined, there’s a nice pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Thanks for being a part of the fun and I hope you will join me again in 2023!

Good luck in your action and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

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