The Sharp Plays Newsletter Week #18

Recap & Week Ahead –  Well my friends, we made it! We have reached the end of the NFL regular season! The final week of the regular season also means the last week for The Sharp Plays Newsletter until August! It is almost surreal to me that we have gotten to this point. Every year when we get to the final issue, part of me will miss doing the newsletter, but then another part will enjoy the extra time. The final issue has also always been a good signal that February, and with it my much needed post-football recharge, is almost here! Even in these wacky times, I am still looking forward to the Monday after the Super Bowl. I hope you have had fun and made a profit this season. It has definitely not been what we are used to, but thank goodness we had a football season! With the end of the football season, it is time to look ahead to everything for the upcoming year. I’ll be doing that shortly in this newsletter. First, let’s get to last week’s recap, then this week’s coverage and then that look ahead to 2021!

TSP Live went a quiet but perfect 2-0 on Qualifying Angles for +2.0 units this week. TSP Daily went 0-4 on its exotics. It is the tricky part with exotics. Usually the winners come in spurts. A couple good weeks make a season. Despite the bad weekend, TSP Daily is still +19.9 units for the season, thanks to the parlays. Oh, and people say parlays are for suckers… stupid people that is! LOL! Followers of The Sharp Plays know the power of exotics and especially parlays as a wagering tool! It was also nice to see the 1st Quarter Algorithm stay hot this past week with a 4-2 weekend for +2.3 units! The algorithm is now one win away from profit and another winning season. The free content turned this past week turned a profit, so that’s always a good thing. Let’s finish the last few days of 2020 in a strong way and put a juicy cherry on top to another very profitable year for the content!

Speaking of the new year approaching… the after Christmas sale is currently underway and ends at midnight ET on January 1st. On January 2nd, the All Inclusive subscription will revert back to the discounted $225 price (versus $200 in the sale) and the TSP Live Monthly subscription will revert back to the discounted $150 price (versus $125 in the sale). To signup, visit TSP.Live/register. Thanks as always for the support!

The FMA subscription is now closing out another profitable month returning +4.4% in December. The FMA launched in May, averages over +27% ROI (FMA Watch List) and has never had a losing month! The FMA subscription is part of the All-Inclusive January subscription, or can be purchased individually for $100 for the month. To signup, visit TSP.Live/register. Signup for FMA closes on 1/5.

TSP Live is now +40.6 units since it launched back on April 4th, after picking up +2.0 units this past weekend… both of which were Sharp Consensus angles. For the week ahead, the TSP Live content will cover the NCAAF Bowls, NFL, as well NCAAB (Sharp Consensus Only for NCAAB). Coverage will include Sharp Consensus in NFL, NCAAF Bowls & NCAAB (1-0 on NCAAB so far), LJP Score angles and many new Qualifying and Non-Qualifying TSP Live angles like Late Sharp Buys and Group/Syndicate Buy alerts (if they occur)! I do not guarantee how many Qualifying Angles will be reported as part of TSP Live. Some TSP Live weekends there may be 4 to 5+ Qualifying Angles reported. Other TSP Live weekends there may only be 1 or 2 Qualifying Angles the whole weekend. Setting a quota only incentivizes forcing reports and updates that aren’t there. I let the angles develop organically… or not. As always thank you for your support on the paid content! I do not take advertising. Your paid content purchase supports everything I do at The Sharp Plays, expands the content and technology utilized and supports things important to me. I am grateful for your support! To signup for TSP Live click here or visit or TSP.Live/tsp-live.

Before I get to this week’s action, don’t forget about Telegram which continues to roll and is hitting over 69.2% since launching in October!!! The channel is free to join. For details, simply visit

Early Sharp Buys (CLOSING RECORD 11-5) –  The Early Sharp Buy on Western Kentucky +3.5 went down. Regardless of the outcome this week, it has been a good year for the Early Sharp Buy! Let’s finish this section for the season with a bang! Where is the Early Sharp Buy for this week? The schedule keeps shrinking for NCAAF. As I was typing this the Early Sharp Buy was Arkansas. However, in the time I have been putting this newsletter together, that game was canceled. So, the next Early Sharp Buy is currently on Cincinnati +7 over Georgia. Let’s hope we can finish the season with a bang and this one isn’t canceled!

Early Algorithm Look (CLOSING RECORD 8-12) –  Early Algorithm Look split out with Carolina +1.5 and the Rams +1.5. I needed the 2-0 SWEEP to have a chance at a winning season for the Early Algorithm Look section. Unfortunately, we didn’t get it. So, no matter the outcome this week, it will not be a winning season for the EAL. Might have to think about changing up the section with something different for next year. Plenty of time for me to think about it in the off-season. For now though, let’s close the EAL with a 3-0 sweep and get to .500! The Top 3 EAL values are Notre Dame +20 over Alabama, Oregon +4 over Iowa St and Atlanta +6.5 over Tampa.

My Handicapping (CLOSING RECORD 9-12 YTD) –  All the Texans had to do was hold the Bengals, but they couldn’t do it. Cost me the 2-0 weekend. I am now 8-10, I need a three game sweep this week for an 11-10 record and a break-even season. What the hell… I’m going for it!

I am going with Houston +7.5 over Tennessee. I know, I was just screwed by the Texans who were embarrassed by the Bengals. It is exactly that reason which I am going back to the Texans. Tennessee needs this win and of course if a team needs a win then it means they will get it and cover! LOL! Of course Tennessee can, but the “team needs to win” is bet by everyone and their mother as a lock. Given how pathetic Houston was last week and given the Houston has nothing to play for and Tennessee has something to play for, the oddsmakers have added a ton of shade to Tennessee. The line sits at +7.5. I like the fact that JJ Watt had an impassioned statement after this past week’s game and called out several players. When a leader like that does that sort of thing publicly, it often has a positive and immediate impact on the team. I expect Houston to step it up this week. They may not get the win, but I think they will get the cover in a close one. There is question whether Watson will play. So, that’s a risk right now, but he’s a gamer and after Watt’s message… unless he really can’t play, I believe he will be in there.

I am also going with my boy Trubisky! I don’t like this Packers team. I think they are good, but they are also suspect especially on defense. As much as I make fun of Trubisky, he has gotten the job done recently. Now I have the Packers on the road and giving 5.5. It seems about 2.5 points too much to me. I will take the value and grab Chicago +5.5!

To complete my trifecta of fun this week, I am going with a teaser of Houston +13.5 and Chicago +11.5. I don’t think I will need the points with Houston on the teaser, so it becomes a bonus and I love Chicago in the teaser getting me above the key 7 and 10 numbers. So, my three bagger this week is Houston +7.5, Chicago +5.5 and a teaser of Houston +13.5 & Chicago +11.5! GO TEXANS AND BEARS!!!!!!!

My Two Cents –   Last week in the TSP Newsletter I looked back on 2020 and everything that went on… the good and the bad. Now, with the final issue of the TSP Newsletter for this football season, I thought it would be good to look ahead at plans for 2021!

When I started my content so many years ago, the goal was to report interesting betting that went on at offshore books I was connected with. I would tweet 1-2 things per day and just had some fun with it. As my viewership grew, I felt I had to expand my content dramatically to keep interest, attention, and to provide people with fulfilling content. Given how overloaded people’s Twitter timelines can be (especially if they follow hundreds of people), I felt I needed to put out content every hour to keep The Sharp Plays at the top of everyone’s timeline. It was fine by me because I loved covering a lot of things, but sometimes you can have too much content. A lot of content means you as the audience have a lot of information at your fingertips. However, more often than not, it can be too much information. I reached “peak content” in 2019. When 2019 had finished, as I looked back I felt I had way too much content for the year. I got caught up in the frenzy and was a machine day and night posting information on everything going on in the markets. Yes, some people loved it, but it was just too much for most. For me personally, it just didn’t feel like The Sharp Plays content was where I wanted it to be. So, in January 2020 I reduced my content in a couple different ways. The resulting change worked to downsize the content I covered this past year. I think the change was good, however I still see room for improvement and optimization.

So, the first change for 2020 I want to bring up will be reducing the volume of Twitter content. It doesn’t mean I go from an average of 15-20 tweets a day down to 1-2 tweets. However, there is a happy medium between 1-2 and 15-20 tweets a day… without losing any of the quality. With the robots (which I will get to in a minute), there is no longer a need for me to be on Twitter at all times covering the content either. The robots can handle that task and literally free up a ton of my time… without any loss of what makes The Sharp Plays a quality gambling content provider! I fully expect to be on Twitter each day, however I plan to rely on the robots a lot in 2021… and even more so than I have thus far. My time on Twitter will be more the public concentrations, my commentary on the betting markets, and of course some sharp coverage. I have learned through the robots that less is more. The robots are hitting 69.2% on Telegram, over 2 months and roughly 100 angles. Why are they so good? Because for the robots to release something it needs to cross a ton of hurdles/filters. I know what those hurdles are because I designed the robots. So, my plan for Twitter content is to follow the same model. It’ll be less reporting, but hopefully higher quality reporting. The Telegram channel will allow me to step away more, but at the same time know that the robots are delivering high quality information to you. So, I will leave more of the reporting to the robots who, since October, have clearly shown they are more efficient that I am in delivering it and finding the best content. I am humbled! Although, again I did create the robots so in that way I am their creator and thereby a genius. LOL!!

Speaking of my friends the robots, the clear innovation for 2020 was the move to Telegram and the subsequent robots. I talk about how awesome the robots are, but honestly if it weren’t for the Telegram software/app, the robots would not be in your hands. So, it’s a good thing text alerts got blocked back in October by various cellular providers and necessitated the move to Telegram. What followed was probably one of, if not the biggest innovation in my content ever. It’s too bad the text alerts weren’t blocked sooner as we would have had much more time and information from the robots on Telegram in 2020! Still, the robots have been an incredible innovation and I am literally giddy for the possibilities in 2021. It is incredible all I can do with them and as I repeat all the time, what I have done thus far is literally just scratching the surface. Which means I have to give a big shout out to Telegram for providing the platform. The software makes so many things possible, going far beyond the robots. It’s just awesome and Telegram will play a big part in the 2021 content strategy.

Thanks to the robots handling more of the content tasks, my content will be more dynamic in February as compared to previous Februarys. As you know, I step away for the month of February to recharge the batteries and clear my head from football and prepare for March Madness. In year’s past, I would continue to have daily content on Twitter, it would just be a lot less than you were used to. However I was the one who had to post the content. This coming year, I will still pop in daily in February, but now I can really sit back and let the robots handles it all… both free and paid content management and delivery. You may not realize, but I actually took some weekends away during the football season, and nobody had a clue! The robots handled TSP Live, reporting on Telegram and I popped in here or there on Twitter. It worked as seamlessly as could be and I was quite pleased by the performance. So, come February I do expect to have paid content delivered fully by the robots (for both TSP Live and the FMA). I will also have the robots delivering to Telegram in February. It’ll leave me the task in February of putting together the daily recap tweets and then just enjoying my time away and preparing TSP for the year ahead. I am currently working on the plans for February content and will probably have an article out on the website as we approach February to cover it all! Having the robots handle everything in February will be a good and important test to line things up for March Madness and continued evolution and technological expansion! Here’s to hopefully having a full month of madness this March (the NCAAB kind… not the virus kind).

One other thing I am constantly asked about is doing a betting group. I have been regularly asked if I would do one of these gambling funds where people put in their money and I manage it through my wagers. It’s an easy answer there… NOPE!!!!!!! LOL!!! Thanks for the trust and faith, but I will never get into that sort of thing. I don’t want to handle other people’s money. The Robin Hood Club Session #5 of just advising people of wagers was too much aggravation. One of the many problems of RHC #5 was that too many people in it should not have been in it. However, I do enjoy discussing my wagers and strategy with many of you. Given the interest and fun I have discussing wagering, the betting group idea is on the table. Again, I stress this group would be only with people who understand real professional betting (not the get rich quick crowd). The catch is any betting group I put together will therefore not something that can be open to everyone… most people frankly can’t handle it. I have an idea in mind and am working on ideas on how best to deploy it. Anyone who is in the betting group will need to be an active TSP Live member since those selections will be part of the discussion. There will be a lot of ins and outs to again limit the group to people who get it and want to basically take a master class in betting. I will also cap the number of people in it. I’ll be working on the details in the days and weeks ahead and might try a test run with a VERY TINY group in January or February. Then I will look to expand from there. Stay tuned for further details.

So, summing it all up, my plan for 2021 is as follows… (1) Lessen the overall content volume on Twitter. (2) Expand the robot’s content responsibilities through Telegram to offset the minimizing of Twitter content. (3) For the content that does make it to Twitter, I will use more of the robot filtering model when posting. (4) Test out a small betting group for people who truly understand wagering and would like to learn some tactics. (5) As usual at the start of a new year, in February I will clean up and tighten up the website for the year ahead!

Overall, I was pleased with how things went in 2020. So, there are not too many changes in 2021 as compared to the changes set for this time last year. Really at the core of the 2021 changes is minimizing my time by maximizing the robots. The resulting content will mean less time for me, but more optimized content for you. It’s a WIN-WIN!

Last week I wished all of you a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS and I hope it was an awesome one! For this week, I would like to wish you and your family a VERY HAPPY, HEALTHY & WEALTHY NEW YEAR!! I hope 2021 is a banner year for all of you and I thank you very much for spending a little of 2021 with me!

That’ll close out this week’s newsletter for me AND it’ll close out another year of The Sharp Plays Newsletter! Thanks for giving the newsletter here a read today! Stay safe & healthy out there! I am always open to any feedback you may have. I might not listen to it, LOL, but I am open to it!  😉

Good luck in your action!
~ The Sharp Plays