TSP Analytics – Beyond “Best Bets”

Yesterday in TSP Daily Briefing I brought up the TSP Live & Early Sharp Buy gauges and their uses. Prior to the gauges I had the addition of the known bettor tracking robots. The KB robots not only can track individual bettors (we have tested these tracker robots together and saw the positives and negatives of the robots). The KB robots can also provide the KB Consensus angles, which thus far have shown to perform well, but it’s early. More testing is required. Prior to those new “known” bettor tracking toys there were (and remain) Robin Hood Selections, Sharp Consensus, Primary & Secondary Angles, LJP Scores and more. It’s a lot to take in. It can be very overwhelming, especially if you are new here. I think it is often overwhelming because people try to utilize and wager upon every bit of content. It’s never been the purpose. All these toys & tools are just analytics. The definition of analytics, according to Wikipedia… “Analytics is the systematic computational analysis of data or statistics. It is used for the discovery, interpretation, and communication of meaningful patterns in data. Organizations may apply analytics to business data to describe, predict, and improve business performance.The Sharp Plays may apply analytics to sports betting data from two global books to describe, predict and improve gambling performance. ~ TSP

The LJP is intended to illustrate the strength and flow of sharp money on a particular wager. The KB consensus is an analytic that’s intended to identify wagers being bet by a large disparity of sharp bettors over the other side. The Sharp Consensus is intended to look at the Top 10 bettors who have active wagers in a particular sport for a given day and see where these bettors agree. Robin Hood Selections are simply selections I put together using my algorithms. Primary & Secondary Angles are a combined analytic that combines the LJP along with other sharp action analysis criteria that have been shown to provide a statistically significant level of performance. Book Needs do not put you on the side of the sharps, but on the side of the books, to provide a completely different perspective within the betting markets. The Public Concentrations provide you a look at where the public is “concentrating” their dollars in that sport for that day. Early Sharp Buys in TSP Daily are intended to alert you where sharps are buying even at low limits. The idea being that if they like it at low limits, they will likely move more at high limits. The TSP Live gauges are intended to show what’s on the radar as a possible TSP Live Primary or Secondary Angle, so you aren’t in the dark. The Early Sharp Buy gauges are in place to help keep you informed from the time TSP Daily is published each more to the time of the event. It’s a lot of angles, a lot of analytics, and the arsenal continues to grow, but each analytic has a purpose. The overriding purpose of all the analytics is to assess different facets of the betting activity in the markets as well as provide a means to asses individual wagers.

Yes, to follow me takes work! Not a lot, but too many people want the free lunch. Too many people want The Sharp Plays to be… Hi, thanks for following! Today put 1 unit on Tampa and my Best Bet is 2 units on Miami. Good luck! I don’t like doing that unless it is in conjunction with an educational process. That’s where TSP Syndicate comes in, but I’ll save that for a later day. For now, think of all these analytics like you would technical analysis methods you attach to a stock chart.

Trading analytics use various mathematical equations to assess trading activity in a stock or index and turn that calculation into an indicator on your chart. The indicator is then used to help the trader assess, in conjunction with their due diligence, whether they should enter, exit or pass on a trade. Is the stock overbought? Is the stock oversold? You can’t necessarily assess that just by looking at a chart… the various trading analytics are designed to help you get a better read. Sports betting analytics should be looked at in the same way… to help you get a better read on the markets.

A lot of bettors try to use every analytic because they don’t want to miss a winner. It’s never going to work, stop it right now. Look at my own personal wagering strategy which I include in TSP Daily every day. I have all these tools discussed above at my disposal. I am glad all the tools are there, should I want to use them, but right now I am only reviewing Primary & Secondary Angles, any LJP 2U’s and above and any High Level Book Needs as potential wagers for myself. Each individual should figure out their own favored TSP analytics to utilize and not try to put everything on their plate (remember the sports buffet??). It won’t work… your betting stomach is not big enough no matter what you think.

Summing it all up, the various TSP analytics are intended to help you in assessing the sports markets. I am not trying to overwhelm you. I am trying to test dozens of analytics, see what works best, and then provide you a complete dashboard of analytical tools for assessing the sports markets come football, and then moving forward. The hope being that of the full dashboard and perhaps dozens of toys, you will have more than enough to choose from. You could then select 1,2,3 or 4 of those analytics which you will utilize in your betting strategy. The person next to you might only use two of the available TSP analytics, and both of those might be different from the four you selected. It’s all good! If the analytics are good enough (which is my goal with all this testing) then no matter what you choose, the returns should be there for you! My goal is to put you at the helm of the action at two global books, and then let you go hog wild!

There will be a variety of new analytics under construction during the upgrade period at the end of July and in early August. Some of these analytics include a live version of the KB consensus, completing the live version of the Book Needs report, a Group Buy tracker, a Book Position report (where is the book taking a position in games) among many others! I am leaving out the best because, well, I have to keep some suspense and leave some exciting reveals for the weeks approaching football! So, I will look forward to updating you as these analytic ideas come to fruition!

Good luck in your wagers!