TSP Content Evolution

Originally published in TSP Live Insider on March 2nd, 2023

My goal with the TSP Live content, these recent updates, the launch of the DCR has been to make the content more versatile and agile to react to the betting markets. Although the content has worked well and provided consistent profits year over year (not that the path each year is a smooth and easy one)…the TSP content & tools always seemed very clunky to me. Not to mention, much of the content was delayed to an extent. I don’t mean delayed in terms of time. I mean the content was always more reactive than predictive. Waiting for sharp action to hit and then following at a worse price 90% of the time. Even getting the bad number still worked out fine and provided profits every year since I started this adventure. Perhaps it is a testament that while CLV is important, it surely isn’t everything (as I discussed yesterday).

Having the content instead be more predictive than reactive, by getting information to you before sharp money attacks, makes a world of difference. Instead of waiting until a move actually takes place, thanks to the Degenerate Club report and content, we are now front-running the major action a lot more than before. I am able to discuss the breadcrumbs that are being dropped in the betting world and markets before the sharp money eats the whole loaf…leaving nothing for us to nibble on but really bad prices.

Also, do you find now that the Oddsmaker’s Report is almost daily content? You might not notice it, but every day in the Degenerate Club Report, there’s regular Oddsmaker’s Report intel being delivered and it has been SOLID! So, you may not see as many late breaking Oddsmaker’s Report alerts as you did in the past, but that’s only because the information is coming out a lot earlier now…and on a daily basis through the DCR.

In some ways, TSP Live may not appear as active as it used to be because there are fewer alerts throughout the day. However, TSP Live is delivering exponentially more information and volumes more content than it ever did in the past….and higher level, higher performing content too through the new Degenerate Club setup!

My ultimate goal for the content is to have a setup that provides more information and intel than ever before, with less time being spent on clerical and I.T. tasks to deliver that content. The less time I spend on tasks which do not contribute to the content delivered, the more time can be spent putting together the content…and once again this time saving pays dividends in the performance. I think January and February were two of the best performing months, and that’s saying something because previous years were no slouches either!

I know everyone loves the tables, as do I. Those are not going anywhere when it comes to football season…unless something more efficient and better performing comes up (don’t worry…I still haven’t found that yet…but I am always working on it). The R&D department at The Sharp Plays is working 24/7/365…and we have a lot of time until football…so who knows! The goal of The Sharp Plays is achieving the highest level of wagering performance possible…not being everything to everyone (that’s impossible…I am sorry…it’s nothing personal). Again, tables aren’t going anywhere and I honestly have no thoughts on what could or would replace them. I am just using the tables as the example because many reading this today have emotional ties to those tables. I get it…I do too…but if something came up that hit the Holy Grail everyone searches for but nobody achieves of 60% winners over 1,000 selections…but I could only do the tables or the Holy Grail…well tables, it’s been fun…but papa’s got a brand new bag! LOL! Therein lies my point. I don’t make changes or updates just because it sounds fun. It is a calculated decision based on efficiency, performance and above all longevity.

Why bring this up? What’s the setup? Nothing other than I am working on a few more tweaks, mostly to public content and procedures (TSP Live updates are pretty much complete). Plus, I know there have been a lot of changes recently, so I appreciate your patience! With the recent content and operations changes I finally feel the content setup within The Sharp Plays, both free and paid content, is finally home! For the past few years I felt like a slave to the content…just bogged down in tasks each day that had nothing to do with putting out good reporting and content. Instead it was clerical tasks, logging every damn tweet or Telegram messages, running the algorithms because people liked them…even when they weren’t performing, spending hours maintaining a TSP Live Radar for non-football that didn’t perform. I understand people like those things, and I am not trying to steal your candy. I hope to have the algorithms back too. It’s just that right now I would much rather spend 2 hours per day providing you content that delivers a wealth of sports betting intel on a daily basis, and which performs better than any TSP content previous than to spend 4 hours per day on content that is flat at best. Simple math…and you know I am a big fan of math!

The DCR has been awesome so far…it’s performance and operation has thoroughly exceeded my expectations and the constant rave reviews of the content from many of you are wonderful! I think the time to develop it, the recent updates and evolution has definitely paid off…and I can’t wait to see where continued evolution will take us! It’s a fun journey and we get to profit along the way! Thank you for being a part of the journey!

Good luck!