“I love your content, but there is so much of it I don’t know the best way to use it.”

The sentence above has been the biggest “issue” I have heard from the audience since I launched The Sharp Plays, all the way back in 2011. My goal is to provide lots of quality content for the audience, but the negative of providing all that content is that there’s so much of it that it can be confusing trying to follow. So, how the hell are you supposed to use all the content?

At the end of the day, the best way to use the content is first to figure out what works best for you. Do you like a lot of action or do you prefer fewer angles? Do you only like certain sports? Do you not want to wager at night? Do you want to avoid any paid content? Can you not stomach exotics (parlays, teasers, rollovers)? Do you hate my algorithms? LOL! I can go on and on, but you get the point. Bottom line is that the best way to use the content varies by gambler. Every gambler has different finances, bankroll, tolerances, likes & dislikes, etc. So, my go to response to the question at the top of this page is… follow the content for a few weeks and then find an angle or two that you like and follow it/them religiously. Don’t get afflicted with FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) and jump around to every bit of content because this is hot one week and something else is hot the next week. You can’t always be hot! LOL! Don’t chase the hot angle. Also, trying to play every angle I report can be overwhelming and almost a full time job. Instead, find one, two or three bits of content that you like or that fit your gambling style and your schedule, and block out everything else. Don’t even pay attention to the performance of the other content. For example, if you choose as part of your content strategy not to bet golf and golf goes on a 13-0 run… don’t kick yourself. Just know that you will get your 13-0 run in your content too. Don’t all of a sudden jump to golf, likely it is already too late and the run is over… or at least winding down. So, again, find the content that best fits your style. When you do, EXCLUSIVELY follow those bits of content religiously, through the good and the bad, and don’t give in to FOMO!!

Since 2011, the content I have posted has gained over +1400 units and that doesn’t even count fading the public, for those who enjoy that angle. It also doesn’t include trading the financial markets for those who want something different from sports. So, bottom line, if you can’t put together a profitable strategy amidst content that generates an average of +140 units of profit per year, it might not be the content that’s the problem!

Still, I know it can be tough to come up with a content strategy on your own, especially if you are a newer follower. So, I decided to put together this page to discuss some pre-packaged strategies for using the content. The strategies below are time tested, with proven theories. Some of the strategies on this page are used by me, other strategies will be submitted and used with success by audience members just like yourself. So, take a gander around this page and see if something fits. Perhaps your strategy will be a hybrid… a little of this strategy, a little of that strategy. The goal of all the strategies laid out on this page is to assist you in utilizing the volumes of quality TSP content, in most cases downsizing the content, and creating a profitable betting strategy that fits your style, personality and bankroll.

I fully expect this page to expand and evolve with new strategies moving forward. New strategies that either optimize old strategies or just different ways to use the content altogether. As I said, some of these strategies have been created and used with success by audience members just like you. So, if you have a strategy for The Sharp Plays content that you have used with success, please submit it to me (click here for the contact form) and I would be happy to audit your data and put it on this page for others to view. If you like, give your strategy a cool name and I would be happy to feature it here too (provided it is appropriate, LOL). I hope the below strategies assist you in fully utilizing and optimizing The Sharp Plays content to turn a healthy profit! If you have questions, I am always happy to assist. It might take me a few days to respond, but I always respond to legitimate messages. Good luck in your action!

Performance data below is updated once a week. The last update was 6:30am ET on 6/1

Strategy #1: TSP Live Robots & Known Bettors… submitted by a TSP follower
Theory: The TSP Live robots know best! The bettor would concentrate on only select plays provided by the TSP Live robots. The TSP Live robots obviously deliver the TSP Live paid content on weekends, but they also deliver 100% of the content in the Telegram channel.
Parameters: The bettor employed a very simple system using TSP Live & Telegram to achieve low volume, yet a high return. The strategy is as follows…
Telegram Portion of Strategy
1) Bettor plays all “known” bettor angles reported on Telegram (t.me/tsplive) that achieve LJP 1U or higher.
2) Bettor plays all Telegram angles with an LJP Score of 2U and above (i.e. LJP 2U, 3U, 4U, 5U).
3) Bettor WILL NOT play any Telegram LJP 1U angles UNLESS they are “known” bettor angles.
TSP Live Portion of Strategy
1) Bettor plays all Primary and Secondary Angles (provided they are LJP 1U, 2U, 3U, 4U or 5U)
2) Bettor DOES NOT play any Tertiary Angles
3) Bettor plays all “known” bettor angles at 1 unit in TSP Live
In either Telegram or TSP Live, bettor would not play any LJP “OPEN” Scores. Only LJP “UP” or “U” Scores.
What You Need: Telegram (t.me/tsplive) and TSP Live (TSP.Live/tsp-live). Bettor DOES NOT use any Twitter reporting/content in his wagering.
Assessed Unit Risk: 1 unit (meaning risk to win 1 unit on negative moneylines and risk 1 unit on positive moneylines) OR tiered betting based on LJP Score (LJP 1U = 1 unit, LJP 2U = 2 units, LJP 3U = 3 units, LJP 4U = 4 units, LJP 5U = 5 units)
Average Selection Volume: 4-8 selections on average per week
Lifetime Performance: Since January 1st 2021, 1 unit flat betting provided +31.2 units. Tiered betting (1 unit on LJP 1U, 2 units on LJP 2U, etc.) provided +40.6 units
Notes: Does require a TSP Live subscription

Strategy #2: MLB 1st 5 Innings & Full Game
Theory: Back early in the 2019 MLB season, some folks on Twitter noticed that the full game sharp angles (sides and totals) were performing a lot better for the 1st 5 Innings. The theory would be that 1st 5 Innings are more respective of the parameters sharp money is assessing pregame, namely starting pitchers. It also removes parameters with greater variance… BULLPENS! Years ago, there were always bullpen issues… however it seems in recent years these issues are daily and regular. Using the full game sharp reporting for MLB is expected to generate a profit each season, however the idea that removing the bullpen shenanigan factor could increase those profits was interesting. After the 2019 season it was clear… while the full game performed well, the 1st 5 outperformed the full game. We saw this again in 2020, even with the shortened season. So far, only a few weeks into the 2021 season, we are seeing the same thing.
Parameters: Any full game MLB sharp angle reported in TSP Live, Telegram or on Twitter would also be played for the 1st 5 Innings. Any 1st 5 Innings sharp angle reported would be played for full game as well.
What You Need: Telegram (t.me/tsplive), Twitter & TSP Live (optional)
Assessed Unit Risk: 1 unit (meaning risk to win 1 unit on negative moneylines and risk 1 unit on positive moneylines)
Average Selection Volume: 2-6 wagers in a typical MLB gameday
Lifetime Performance: Since the 2019 MLB season, full game & 1st 5 sharp performance is a combined +122.9. So far in 2021, the strategy has returned an additional +17.0 units.
Notes: It can be a lot of volume for someone without a good bankroll management system.

Strategy #3: All Robots, All The Time
Theory: The TSP Live robots power the content delivered in TSP Live (paid subscription) and on the Telegram channel (FREE). The TSP Live robots are what I consider to be my optimal robots for assessing sharp action in the markets. The robots often spot angles before the line moves in a major way. Plus, the performance has been solid. Strategy #1 (above) uses the TSP Live robots, but it doesn’t use 100% of their angles. Here with Strategy #3, you would use all the TSP Live and Telegram angles within your wagering.
Parameters: You simply wager on all angles posted in the Telegram channel (t.me/tsplive) and all Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Angles in TSP Live, regardless of LJP Score.
What You Need: Telegram (t.me/tsplive) & TSP Live Subscription (optional)
Assessed Unit Risk: 1 unit (risk to win 1 unit on negative moneylines, risk 1 unit on positive moneylines)
Average Selection Volume: 1-2 selections per day on average
Lifetime Performance: TSP Live robots in TSP Live are +60.6 units (launched April 2020), TSP Live Robots on the Telegram channel are +35.3 units (launched October 2020). Combined performance is +95.9 units since April 2020.
Notes: TSP Live subscription is listed because the TSP Live robots obviously power TSP Live, however it is not necessary for this strategy. Your unit performance would simply not include the TSP Live performance. However, as you can see, the Telegram channel performs quite well.

Strategy #4: I Hate Free Stuff
Theory: TSP Daily launched in October 2020 and typically only has a few wagers each month. TSP Live, outside March Madness is typically only active on the weekends. What that means is you only are active on the weekends and perhaps once or twice during the week (at most). It means less volume and is often a lot easier to follow because the action is limited during the work week. The content is also presented directly to you through alerts on Telegram and email, making it easy to follow along and not miss a play.
Parameters: The strategy is simple… play all wagers & angles posted in TSP Daily and TSP Live.
What You Need: TSP Live Monthly subscription (which includes TSP Daily for free)
Assessed Unit Risk: 1 unit (risk to win 1 unit on negative moneylines, risk 1 unit on positive moneylines), unless otherwise listed.
Average Selection Volume: 5-8 selections per week
Lifetime Performance: TSP Live launched April 4th, 2020 and TSP Daily launched October 1st, 2020. TSP Daily performance is +52.2 units and TSP Live performance is +65.0 units. Combined performance is +117.2 units since April 4th, 2020!
Notes: Does require a paid subscription, whereas with most other strategies a paid subscription is optional

More strategies will be posted soon! Keep an eye on this page and if you have a strategy for the content that has worked for you, please submit it by clicking here. Thank you & good luck!!!