Records updated 6:30am ET on 5/3

TSP Daily Briefing
Parlays 9-22 for +30.5 units
Teasers 18-16 for +0.4 units
Rollovers 2-13 for +0.80 units

TSP Live
Primary Angles 143-95 for +41.0 units
Secondary Angles 82-59 for +18.5 units
Tertiary Angles 15-11 for +3.1 units
TSP Live Parlays 2-5 for +5.4 units
TSP Live Rollovers are 0-4 for -1.00 units

Tracking is done on a 1 unit basis as that is how I wager. Wagering, especially on exotics, for lower risk amounts is advised unless you have a disciplined and time tested bankroll management strategy. Tracking above covers ONLY those exotics posted within the TSP Daily Briefing or TSP Live.