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I am asked all the time… “Who Is Mr. Poison?”  Mr. Poison is a gambler who bets offshore and I have a relationship with the book where he places his action. Mr. P came onto my radar in January of 2019 when he began fading the #FollowTheMoney5 (@VSiNLive, @MitchMossRadio, @paulyhoward, @VSiNjb) consistently. At the time it was interesting to follow someone who was betting against such a hot trend in the #FollowTheMoney5 (Betting a variety of NHL 1st Period OVERS connected to 5 key teams). Never did I expect I would find the greatest fade I have ever seen. In the weeks after following Mr. Poison on his 1st period total bets, I noticed that he seemed to lose whatever he bet! Obviously not 100%, but for someone to hit only 25%-30% of their bets, over an initial sample size of over 150 bets, was pretty incredible. His record has been one thing, but the way he lost his bets made it even more fascinating! Some of Mr. Poison’s wagers were big favorites that not only failed to cover, but they lost outright in blowouts. It seemed so impossible that people understandably felt he could not be real. However, I tweet out his bets before every game, so the Twitter world can watch for themselves. It’s an extreme statistical anomaly to perform as poorly as Mr. Poison, and that’s what further adds intrigue to this guy. I have to admit, it’s been quite entertaining to watch what he does!

Mr. Poison’s Performance (or lack thereof)…

In all sports combined, Mr. P had a win percentage of 41% in 2019… fade was 59%! Total tickets for 2019 were over 600! His worst run was 4-28 in March Madness 2019. In 2020, Mr. Poison cashed just 46% of his bets. In 2021, Mr. Poison was much quieter and more selective…placing only 76 wagers and achieving over a 58% win percentage. In 2022, Mr. Poison placed 103 wagers and hit 51.1%…mostly due to his NFL success. Mr. P is bad in every sport, but for some reason, year after year, he excels in NFL. For example, he was 45-20 in the 2020-21 season and 9-0 in NFL in the 2021-22 season. His current season and current year records are below.

So, put your shirt on and get ready to FADE! Another fun twist with Mr. Poison is that he frequently bets games every way possible. He will take an NHL team, for example, on the 1st period line, puckline, moneyline, regulation line, etc. If he took a team on each of those four lines, and all four lost, I would grade it as 0-4 since those are four separate wagers with four separate possible outcomes which you can follow or fade.

Here’s Mr. P’s current performance (his last placed wager was on 3/31/24)…

Mr. P is 26-34 in NFL (2023-24), March Madness (2024) 2-8

Current Streak: 2-12 (Fade = 86%)
2023-24 wagers: 28-42 (Fade = 60%)

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