The Sharp Plays Transparency

Content posted to Twitter or this website, free and paid, is tracked publicly for transparency. If you feel any record is inaccurate, call me out on Twitter and I’d be happy to address it.

Records for Mr. Poison can be found on the Mr. Poison page. Records for Robin Hood Selections, Sharp Consensus, Personal Plays (Free on Twitter), active algorithms and algorithms in testing can be found on the right of this page. Records for the Little John Protocol (LJP) can be found on The Little John Protocol page. Records for all other content I post to Twitter & this website (free & paid) can be found at the links below…

Sports Content Records

Archived Sports Content Records
(July 2011 to 2020)

Annual Breakdown of Sharp Reporting
(Aug 2019 – Aug 2020)

Operation Rollover Dashboard

LJP Score Performance in TSP Live

The Sharp Plays Trading Performance