What is FFoFO or #FFoFO all about?!?

FFoFO℠ was created to assist mentally challenged individuals understand the purpose and usage of The Sharp Plays content. Let’s start with the initials…

The first “F” stands for “fade”…you can fade (i.e. bet against) The Sharp Plays content. I take no offense if you can make money fading, and I wish you the best of luck!

The second “F” stands for follow…you can follow The Sharp Plays content (i.e. bet with it). Following The Sharp Plays content seems to work for a lot of people given the content has been profitable every year since launching in 2011. TSP content even made over 75 units of profit in 2019 despite the Robin Hood Club debacle late that year (haters love the RHC)!

If neither the first, nor the second option work for you, there is a third option… “oFO” …which stands for “or Fuck Off”. I don’t think this part of FFoFO needs much explaining.

There you have it…Fade, Follow, OR Fuck Off…FFoFO for short.

For the haters and misguided individuals reading this…I do understand that you were led to believe through social media that you have a voice and that your opinion matters. Silly goose…that’s just an illusion to keep you engaging on social media. The more people engaging on social media; the more ad money the social media companies make. It doesn’t mean that anyone actually cares about, or even hears your opinion! You might get views…but I hate to tell you…those are mostly web crawlers and bots…not actual humans. Sorry! ☹️

Yes, as the kids today say, you are an “NPC” or a “Non-Player Character” in the game of life. It means you exist, but you really have zero effect on the game, it’s outcome, or it’s direction. Your importance lies only in your mind.

I’ve discussed how I am a drug dealer (not that type), and the thing about the drug I sell is that people want it so badly that they don’t care about anything else. People would buy the drug from someone as despicable as Hitler himself if he could show them how to turn 0.1 units into +5,6,7 or more units through a rollover from time to time…if he could cash a juicy parlay at an above average rate, or if he could deliver profitable betting intel year over year! You can highlight every single loss within the content, while remaining quiet on most or all of the wins, but it’s OK…everyone knows the truth. I know it’s tough to hear, but most people are smarter than you. You can fool yourself into thinking you make good points, but that’s just because you are an idiot…you will fall for anything. Most TSP followers are educated, and can actually read…don’t worry, you can get there too! These more intelligent TSP followers can compare what they see on Twitter, Telegram, TheSharpPlays.com, GoFastAndWin.com, and in TSP Live to what appears in the content logs and records tables (click here…they are updated daily) to ensure I am being honest & transparent! It’s really simple to know the truth about The Sharp Plays!

I am sorry to tell you all this, but I believe people should not be lied to in life. Remember how mommy and daddy told you that you were special…yeah, they lied. Don’t worry though, Daddy TSP loves you, and I will never lie to you! I will also never leave you. The Sharp Plays content has been around since 2011…and it is not going anywhere anytime soon! I thank you for continually increasing The Sharp Plays social media impressions and exposure! I never turn away free publicity!

I know you think about me all day, but I gotta run. I’ll leave you with a song, because as the Danish author Hans Christian Andersen said, “Where words fail, music speaks.” ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Good luck in your action and remember…FFoFO!