For almost a year people have been asking me to do a Telegram channel. I finally took the time to really investigate the software and to discuss the capabilities with the folks who do the different automation/programming for me. When I sat down and reviewed it all, I was beyond impressed with what Telegram ( can offer. Here’s a briefing…

First, accessing any of my Telegram channels is FREE!!! What do they offer? As you know I have the ability to issue automated alerts for Sharp Consensus plays, LJP angles and more. I have had these alerts programmed to post to Twitter, and did so over the summer on various occasions. The concern however was these alerts spamming the Twitter page if I wasn’t around watching. So it is not really automated because I still have to make sure the pot doesn’t boil over when the robots are at work. Another major issue with doing automated alerts to Twitter is that Twitter has issues with its system not just in posting these alerts, but as many of you know, in sending out notifications when I tweet. Many people have been annoyed about the failure to get Twitter notifications at times and the fact it causes you to miss out on reports. It is something that could be dramatically minimized through the use of Telegram. Also, the Telegram app opens up a lot of potential content expansion options. I want to stress, my Twitter content will not be changing in any way. The use of Telegram will enhance the Twitter offering and provide more automated content like “known” bettor coverage, in-play coverage, LJP Score changes, late moves, etc. I don’t mean to sound cliched, but the possibilities really are endless!

How do you get the Telegram app and join my channels? It’s quite simple…

  • Telegram is a FREE app. There are no ads and no funny business. You simply visit your favorite app store (Google/Apple) and search for “Telegram”. You will then see the Telegram app with the above logo (paper airplane). Install the app and setup your username and profile (takes seconds). Be sure to allow the app to issue you notifications on your phone. The key to avoiding missing any content alerts that go out is allowing Telegram to send you notifications.
    • Once the app is installed, from the web browser on your mobile phone you can visit this link to view my profile page or send me a message directly.
    • To signup for the TSP Sports Telegram Channel, simply visit this link
    • To signup for the TSP Financial Market Analytics Channel, visit
    • To signup for the TSP Twitter Channel, visit The TSP Twitter Channel is a Telegram channel where all my tweets (not any replies) are posted. I know there are some who can’t get Twitter notifications to work when I post something, this is your solution!
    • When you get to pages for the links above, you can click on the “View in Telegram” button. It will open my channel for you in the Telegram app so you can subscribe to it. All done! If you also allowed notifications, whenever I post a message you will get a notification on your phone! Doesn’t get any better!