Robin Hood Selections
Taking from the books and giving to the people!

Total Donated (started on 11/10/22): $1,235.00

What are Robin Hood Selections?

The goal of Robin Hood Selections is to take from the books and give that money to the people…from a variety of charities to TSP followers! Robin Hood Selections are a team effort between you and I to spread some good karma around for all of us. As gamblers and as humans…we can never have enough!

Robin Hood Selections are derived either from my handicapping (straight bets, parlays, teasers, props or other wagers) or they are “known” bettor selections or information from actual sharp wagers going on at a global offshore sportsbook.

What is a “known” bettor? A “known” bettor is someone considered sharp by the book. When a “known” (a.k.a. sharp) bettor places a wager at the book, and it meets certain criteria, that wager may be released as a Robin Hood Selection…either publicly on Twitter or Telegram or to subscribers in TSP Live.

How do Robin Hood Selections achieve the above goals?

Robin Hood Selections are wagers (exotics, props, straight bets & more) which I post publicly on Twitter and Telegram. The potential payout of the Robin Hood Selection is dependent on the likes and retweets of TSP followers. If the wager(s) win…a dedicated amount of money based on your likes and retweets is given to a selected charity or random followers who participated in the effort (participated with their likes, retweets or other “missions”). If the wager loses…we move on to the next one and do it all over again! There is no cost to participate.

Why this idea and why now?

This iteration of the Robin Hood Selection is something I discussed and launched on November 8th in the TSP Newsletter. I wanted the Robin Hood Selection to make a comeback, and this seemed like a great way to do it! There’s nothing to buy, it is a team effort between you & I, we can all gain some much needed good karma, AND spread a nice chunk of money around in the process!

Here’s to great success with the Robin Hood Selections moving forward. Let’s hope the karma brought by the Robin Hood Selections can spread across all of us! Once again, we can never have enough good karma on our side in life.