Below you will find a detailed breakdown of the wager performance for both the TSP Live Portfolio and the Go Fast and Win Portfolio.

The Go Fast and Win Portfolio (FREE) is updated daily at, click “Portfolio” in the website menu. When I add wagers or update the Go Fast and Win Portfolio, I will post a message to Twitter/X (@TheSharpPlays) and those alerts also appear on the Twitter/X clone Telegram channel (

The TSP Live Portfolio is subscriber based content that is a part of a TSP Live Sports Subscription. Details on the TSP Live Sports Subscription can be found at TSP.Live or more specifically TSP.Live/tsp-live-alerts.

The information below is LIFETIME unless otherwise listed (i.e. “Current Year’s Bank”). Both portfolios launched in 2023 (TSP Live Portfolio on January 1st and Go Fast and Win Portfolio in March 2023). A list of every wager that was part of the respective portfolio can be found on The Sharp Plays content log page (in the website menu here or by visiting directly at this link:

What’s a good ROI? The best sharps around will have long term win percentages of 55-56% against the spread. So, here’s the ROI based on -110 pricing and the win percentages shown.

Win Percentage = ROI (52.38% is break-even at -110)
53% = 1.18%
54% = 3.09%
55% = 5.00%
56% = 6.91%
57% = 8.82%

In 30 years of experience, I have never seen a bettor hit over 58% on 1000+ wagers on point spreads and totals with the average price of a standard -110. However, here’s what the ROI would look like…
58% = 10.73%
59% = 12.64%
60% = 14.55%

Elite sharp bettor ROI is 6-7%. Average sharp bettor ROI is 3-5%. Don’t believe me…ask Google! 😉

The below information is based on the last logged wager in the content log for the respective portfolio (