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All records on this page are compiled from all the posted content since July 2011 for COMPLETED SEASONS. Records for currently active seasons can be found on the Sports Content Records page. Once a season finishes, the records from the Sports Content Records page are then moved and compiled with the records on this page.

Any unit tracking is posted as a means to quantify performance and SHOULD NOT be construed as a suggestion to wager on or against any of the content posted. Records for the public are tracked as though you BET WITH the public. Record for Pro’s v Joe’s is based on betting with the Pro’s.

Biggest Success & Biggest Failure Since 2011 –

Biggest Failure: 2019 Robin Hood Club Session #5 finished with a record of 85-112 for -19.2 units. It was ugly, but when you put out content daily over 10 years, new and unique content, there’s going to be some big failures along the way… and the 2019 RHC #5 was it! As I say on the Little John Protocol page… “Show me someone who has never failed, and I will show you a coward.” ~ TSP

Biggest Success: Everything else! LOL! No, on a serious note as I have said many times over the years, what I am most proud of is the performance on exotics (i.e. parlays and teasers). Why? First, it is a solid performance at +283.3 units. However, the real reason I consider it the biggest success is because it blows up that BS belief that exotics are sucker bets. It’s something someone once said (“exotics are for suckers”), and then people just repeat it without any intelligence or experience backing up their foolish hypothesis. Most casual bettors and many unevolved professional bettors repeat the “exotics are sucker bets” sound byte so that they can sound intelligent on sports betting. In the end, they are missing some very big pictures! If, for example, you can win over 52.4% of your point spread wagers, you can turn the edge in exotics from the house, to the player. It’s simple math and there’s no denying it!

The archive below was updated at 9:15pm ET on 9/6/2021

Public Concentrations    
Public Concentration KBO (sides)512071.8%11.5
Public Concentration KBO (totals)352855.6%3.3
Public Concentration MLB (sides)29418161.9%-27.9
Public Concentration MLB (totals)323448.5%-3.1
Public Concentration NBA (sides)21222648.4%-36.6
Public Concentration NBA (totals)8910047.1%-21.0
Public Concentration NCAABB (sides)14816747.0%-36.0
Public Concentration NCAABB (totals)10510849.3%-13.8
Public Concentration NCAAF (sides)969550.3%-10.5
Public Concentration NCAAF (totals)182047.4%-4.0
Public Concentration NFL (sides)10111646.5%-29.6
Public Concentration NFL (totals)141450.0%-3.5
Public Concentration NHL (sides)19917153.8%-31.2
Public Concentration NHL (totals)877354.4%7.6
Public Concentration NPB (sides)181358.1%-2.1
Public Concentration NPB (totals)171651.5%-1.1
Public Concentration Soccer (sides & totals)525349.5%-20.8
Public Concentration MMA (sides & totals)152141.7%-16.5
Sharp Action    
Sharp AHL Hockey9564.3%4.6
Sharp Arena League Football13476.5%8.4
Sharp Aussie Rules Football281565.1%13.6
Sharp Belarus Extraleague Hockey8280.0%7.4
Sharp Boxing553362.5%29.7
Sharp Canadian Football League312258.5%7.2
Sharp Cricket11378.6%11.5
Sharp Darts30100.0%6.4
Sharp eSports9469.2%6.9
Sharp Euroleague Basketball8372.7%5.2
Sharp Formula 15455.6%3.8
Sharp Golf (Matchups & Futures)513360.7%37.5
Sharp KBO958752.2%7.1
Sharp KHL161551.6%4.5
Sharp MLB34128954.1%75.5
Sharp MMA414945.6%-18.7
Sharp NASCAR8753.3%0.2
Sharp National Rugby League141253.8%0.8
Sharp NBA35528955.1%37.8
Sharp NCAAB59043657.5%117.5
Sharp NCAAF38331954.6%37.5
Sharp NFL49339555.5%70.3
Sharp NHL30926154.2%33.5
Sharp NPB332854.1%5.3
Sharp Rugby Union171356.7%3.8
Sharp Soccer49935658.4%173.2
Sharp Table Tennis5362.5%1.6
Sharp Tennis29723156.3%81.2
Sharp Volleyball9469.2%6.7
Sharp WNBA231167.6%10.9
Sharp XFL6275.0%3.8
Pro’s v Joe’s    
Pro’s v Joe’s KBO5183.3%5.6
Pro’s v Joe’s MLB4180.0%5.4
Pro’s v Joe’s NCAAF10471.4%5.6
Pro’s v Joe’s NFL11568.8%5.5
Pro’s v Joe’s Soccer6275.0%5.5
Pro’s v Joe’s NBA10566.7%4.5
Pro’s v Joe’s NCAABB9852.9%0.2
Pro’s v Joe’s NHL9469.2%5.2
Parlays through 20205112728.7%283.3
Teasers through 2020886856.4%15.6
Head Fakes    
Head Fakes – Betting Late Reverse Sharp Money (all sports)8372.7%8.1
Late Sharp Money    
Late Sharp Money NBA Sides4180.0%2.9
Late Sharp Money NBA Totals2166.7%0.9
Late Sharp Money NCAABB Sides2433.3%-2.4
Late Sharp Money NCAABB Totals1325.0%-2.3
Late Sharp Money NCAAF Sides13959.1%3.1
Late Sharp Money NCAAF Totals221461.1%6.6
Late Sharp Money NFL Sides11955.5%1.3
Late Sharp Money NFL Totals11761.1%3.3
Late Sharp Money NHL Sides1150.0%0.3
Late Sharp Money NHL Totals000.0%0.0
Late Sharp Money Soccer171063.0%9.3
Late Sharp Money Tennis9375.0%6.1
“Known” Bettors    
KHL “Known” Bettors4180.0%3.3
MLB “Known” Bettors7370.0%6.1
NBA “Known” Bettors302455.6%3.4
NCAABB “Known” Bettors744363.2%27.8
NCAAF “Known” Bettors867154.8%7.9
NFL “Known” Bettors1098257.1%21.0
NHL “Known” Bettors291960.4%13.8
Soccer “Known” Bettors483061.5%23.2
Tennis “Known” Bettors372361.7%16.6
MMA “Known” Bettors161061.5%5.2
The Sharp Plays Newsletter (Launched in 2019)    
Early Sharp Buy 2019 & 2020241857.1%+4.1
Early Algorithm Look 2019 & 2020131546.4%-3.6
My Handicapping (THE GREATEST!!!!!) 2019 & 2020181948.6%-2.9
Robin Hood Selections
Straight Bets322754.2% 2.6
MLB 1st Inning Totals v1.0524056.5%6.7
MLB 1st Inning Totals v2.0453457.0%9.0
MLB 1st 5 Innings Totals563859.6%15.1
MLB Full Game Totals504751.5%-0.6
MLB Grand Salami201655.6%3.0
MLB Underdog Algorithm (Beta)1150.0%0.3
Horse Match-ups Qualifying Values371275.0%23.3
Horse Match-ups Non-Qualifying Values282453.8%1.0
Golf Full Tournament Matchups322259.3%8.6
Golf Round Matchups181652.9%1.3
Tennis Moneyline422760.9%14.9
Tennis Game Handicap231659.0%5.8
Tennis Set Handicap2166.7%1.5
Tennis Moneyline Longshot (a.k.a. vP.2 a.k.a. Tennis Pizza)121741.4%4.8
Tennis Totals6460.0%1.5
NCAAF Spread v3.1132138.2%-9.5
NCAAF Totals v6.2191261.3%5.8
NFL Spread v2.011857.9%2.2
NFL 1st Quarter493657.6%11.9
NCAABB Totals v3.0201066.7%8.8
NCAABB Totals 1st Half151550.0%-1.5
NCAABB Totals 2nd Half181162.1%5.6
NHL Grand Salami232448.9%-3.6
NHL 1st Period Totals554654.5%5.9
MMA Algorithm171848.6%-5.3
Horse Racing    
Daily Double Ply (Total Risk $90)9564.3%$183.90
Exotic with the Highest Combined Power Rating at a track1233.3%$5.20
Highest Power Rated Horse at a track121250.0%($0.40)
Highest Probability Horse of the Day3260.0%$6.40
Major Race Selections (Triple Crown, Breeders Cup, etc.)282453.8%$2,297.95
Pick 4 3730.0%$84.25
Pick 5 1150.0%$505.50
Pick 3 186122.8%$327.20
Sharp Money Horse Bets40100.0%$41.90

Archived LJP Angles

AngleWinLossWin Pct.Units +/-
Top LJP Score of the Day271958.7%+5.3
Just Missed Top LJP Score of the Day7277.8%+4.0
Wild LJP Move of the Day12957.1%+2.5
Late LJP Moves5271.4%+2.8

Archived TSP Live Robot Angles

AngleWinLossWin Pct.Units +/-
Tertiary Angles504552.6%+0.3