The TSP Content Tracking Logs allow for the most transparent record keeping possible! Every bit of posted content, paid and free, will appear the next morning in the TSP Content Tracking Log. You will also find a separate log of my algorithm plays, along with a log of Hermes wagers as you scroll down on this page.

You have the option of downloading any of the tracking logs, at any time, in Excel or CSV format. You can also copy and paste the information in the log to another program using the “Copy” feature. You can obtain a print format using the “Print” option or download the data as a PDF file using the “PDF” option.

Underneath each column you can filter the results. For example, scroll to the “LJP Score” column. On the bottom of the column you will see a box with “LJP Score“. On that line type “1U” and press “Enter” (or whatever execute button your keyboard has… Go, Return, etc.). Doing so will show ONLY the LJP 1U Scores in the log. You can do the same in other columns to search for “Yankees” and see the performance on events involving Yankees. You can even search “1U” and “Yankees” to see performance of LJP 1U Scores involving the Yankees. Play around and enjoy!

Content logs are typically updated on a daily basis. However, due to travel or my schedule, the content logs may not be updated for a day or period of days. Check Telegram ( as I will announce in the channel if the content logs and records tables will not be updated for a set period of time. However, all content that occurs while I am away will still logged and then added to the content logs below once my hiatus is concluded. When the logs below are updated then within minutes the records tables throughout this site and TSP.Live will update. Whatever date is showing at the top of the logs is the last date for which all records throughout all sites are accurate.

TSP Content Log