I do apologize for bugging you for likes & retweets. I always hated the practice of doing it as it seemed tacky, but then I realized why people did it…the only way to grow on social media is through these types of “boosts” to one’s content.

Growth is important because the larger The Sharp Play’s audience becomes…the more content and technology I can acquire and deploy. The more content and technology I can acquire and deploy…the better the performance of the content. The better the performance of the content…the more money in your pocket…AND THAT’S THE ONLY REASON YOU ARE FOLLOWING!

The free content has a phenomenal ROI since launching in 2011, and since it is free there is nothing you EVER have to pay to get it, but I will ask for your LIKES and/or REPOSTS of The Sharp Plays content in return!

As thanks for your loyal support, whether as a paid subscriber and/or simply by giving The Sharp Plays content a like or repost/retweet, I promise to do my best to bring the highest quality and best performing content and technology to The Sharp Plays EACH AND EVERY DAY across all platforms!

THANK YOU and good luck in your action!

The Sharp Plays content is delivered here on this website (TheSharpPlays.com) via the podcast and content at GoFastAndWin.com along with updates posted to Twitter (Twitter.com/TheSharpPlays) and Telegram. Thanks for following along!